Loan money 18 years. Young people can also borrow


Loan money as 18 years old

Although the committee may not be large, you can still choose loans of between DKK 3,000 and DKK 350,000 and with a maturity of between 1 and 15 years.

Loan money at SU

Even if you are 18 and at SU, you can still borrow money from the bank. Here you must be extra aware that you can repay the loan.
It is not fun to take out a loan if your only income is the SU.

Look good before you borrow

If you are going out on the loan market for the first time, look good. Get more offers so you have something to compare with.

You can first see what a loan costs when you get a final offer from the provider. Make sure you have something to choose from – and then choose the offer that suits you best.

It’s easy to borrow online, please think about:

  • Remember that the loan must be repaid. Make sure not to overestimate your ability to repay the loan. Reminder fees and penalty payments can make even a small loan for an expensive joke.
  • Consider if it can’t wait. Especially when you are young, it can be hard to be patient. After all, you can do without what you want to borrow until you get saved.
  • Consider whether you have other loan options. It is cheaper to borrow from parents, family and friends.

If you need a loan, here are a few loans where you do not have to be over the age of 20. There are banks behind all the loans.