10 best things to do in Maui (only known to locals)


Maui is one of Hawaii’s most popular trending destinations, and it’s worth thinking outside the box to find these locally approved activities.

The Hawaiian Islands consist of several attractive islands that feature different unique atmospheres. the second largest Hawaiian island – Maui is characterized by volcanoes and jungles, beautiful beaches, high mountains and an abundance of sea creatures. When all of this is combined with its auspicious atmosphere and strong Hawaiian culture, Maui becomes a place travelers will be hard-pressed to forget. From watching beautiful sunrises and relaxing ocean waves to exciting surfing and hiking, these are some of the activities that people on Maui spend in their free time.

9 Surfing

Surfing is a sport in Maui that brings people together. It is not uncommon to see a very young teenage girl or a heavy mother here indulging in this beloved sport. But it’s easy to see why they love it so much – the waves in the water are great and the weather is pretty good for surfing. Honolua Beach, Ho’okipa Beaches, and Lahaina Reefs present some of the best stopping places for surfing in Maui.

For travelers who don’t know how to surf, watching the surfers do their job is also a great way to enjoy the sport. Nonetheless, if you want to be chased by raging rage there are many ways to learn to surf here and the locals are welcoming and find it very prestigious to teach people their favorite sport; However, professional surf lessons are a better way to learn this discipline.

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8 Whale watching

Going to Maui and not whale watching is like going to Italy without eating pizza. And yes! The locals love it too. Whale watching is one of the top leisure activities to do on Maui, especially during the winter months. With the island’s abundance of whales, travelers don’t even have to travel far before spotting some of the magnificent creatures. Whale watching tours will even take travelers to the best places to see whales with other curious travelers.

seven Savor the Savory Food in Maui

The truth is, a trip to Maui isn’t complete without being excited about these wonderful flavors. From Poi, Loco Moco, and Laulau to Poke and Noodles, Maui has plenty of dishes to fill the mouths of travelers at any time. The island is also big on seafood since fishing is one of the main occupations here. Visit a Maui restaurant to enjoy the different seafood available on the menu.

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6 Scuba diving

Besides surfing, another popular water sport in Maui is diving. Most of the island’s beaches are safe to enjoy a refreshing dip. From seasoned to amateur, divers of all levels have courses that will meet their diving needs. Besides the refreshing swim, divers will also be treated with views of different sea creatures such as whales, manta rays, dolphins, and more. Simply choose a dive site and dive in to begin the experience or go on a diving excursion to enjoy guided dives in some of the most remote caves underwater.

5 Watch the sunrise and sunset

Treat yourself to panoramic views as you watch Maui sunrise and sunset. Here the sun is fierce but in this ferocity lies the beauty, but this beauty is best seen during its rising and setting hours. At least once, travelers should make sure to get up on time and enjoy the magnificent sunrise from a suitable observatory such as Haleakala Crater or Red Hill Observatory. When it comes to the sunset, the mesmerizing colors of the sky can be seen from just about anywhere, whether you are on a beach or on a hiking trail.

4 Float on a kayak

No matter how fond of the sea is on this Hawaiian island, travelers had better be prepared to indulge in plenty of water activities here, kayaking being one of them. Kayaking is another way to explore the beauty of this island. Along with the relaxing float, lucky travelers will also be accompanied by lovely sea creatures including turtles and large whales that might jump out of the water and rock your kayak with a thunderous splash. Some tours even offer the option of kayaking and snorkeling at the same time so travelers can dive into the water and chase sights of their favorite sea creatures whenever they want.

3 Attend a Hawaiian Party (A Luau)

Luau is a traditional Hawaiian feast that provides a great way to witness the unique and flattering culture of this large volcanic island. At the traditional event, travelers will be entertained with melodious music, delicious Hawaiian cuisine, and beautiful dancing performed by charming dancers dressed in unique cultural outfits. In Maui, one of the most popular luau to frequent is the Old Lahaina Luau and the ticket that starts from $ 145.8 worth all that upscale hospitality and entertainment. Those lucky enough to secure front row seats will even feel flattered as it usually feels like the performers are just dancing for you.

2 Hiking the trails in Maui

With jungles, mountains and lush forests from every angle, Maui has no shortage of incredible hiking trails. While most trails offer thrilling outdoor experiences, some include mesmerizing waterfalls and intense scenery. Some of the more popular trails include the Pipiwai Trail (for scenery, bamboo views, and the waterfall), Slippery Sands Trail (for sand and mountain scenery), and Waihee Ridge Trail (for views of magnificent bodies of water and beautiful mountains from the summit of the Haleakala volcano).

1 Camping in front of a landscape

You want to feel like a free bird in Maui, go camping and connect with nature while enjoying views of the incredible landscape. Travelers often have so much on their to-do list that they forget about the amazing camping experience. Maui is so connected to nature – the entire island is green in all directions and with the bodies of water surrounding all of that greenery, travelers are sure to have a thrilling camping experience here. While some campgrounds offer views of secluded rocks in the middle of the ocean, others will have campers waking up to the sound of melodious chirping birds and the gentle waves of the sea.

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