Hastings Technology Metals Ltd Quarterly Activity Report

Perth, Australia (ABN Newswire) – Australia’s next rare earth producer, Hastings Technology Metals Ltd (ASX: HAS) (FRA: 5AM), is pleased to report on exploration and development activities for the period of three months until September 30, 2021.

Most of the activity has been focused on the company’s Yangibana (Yangibana) rare earth project in the Gascoyne region of Western Australia.

The Company continues to be free from lost time accidents. There were no incidents resulting in injuries during the September quarter, with the period without LTI now extending to 1,157 days.

Work to develop project health and hygiene management plans for the Yangibana and Onslow sites has now started while a medical services contract has been approved and is being mobilized on the site. site.

Western Australian State Government Commendation

Hastings received praise from Prime Minister Mark McGowan, on behalf of the Government of Western Australia, for the company’s commitment to bringing the Yangibana rare earth project into production. The project is shown to be strongly aligned with the state’s Future Battery Industry Strategy, which aims to expand the range of future battery minerals that are mined and processed in Western Australia.

Environment and permits

Environmental baseline documentation for the Onslow Rare Earth Plant, which will serve as a downstream hydrometallurgical processing operation for the Yangibana Rare Earth Project, has been submitted to the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Commonwealth Environment (DAWE) during the quarter. After the quarter ended, Hastings was informed that DAWE had granted environmental approval for the construction and operation of the plant (see ASX announcement of October 26, 2021 Commonwealth Environmental Approval for Hydro Plant Onslow). A native vegetation clearance permit, work approval and development application are being prepared for submission in anticipation of construction commencing in 2022.

Section 45C approval for the revised route at Yangibana, to incorporate additional mineral resource areas that will extend the mine life to the current 15 years, is now imminent. Secondary approvals have progressed and are pending.

The environmental scoping document for the Yangibana 1 expansion has been approved by the EPA Board of Directors of the WAA. Studies are well advanced to inform approval documentation for additional mineral resource areas to be used at Yangibana.

Onslow Rare Earth Plant

Hastings received conditional approval from Development WA from the WA government to develop the Yangibana Rare Earth Project hydrometallurgical plant – known as the Onslow Rare Earth Plant – in the Ashburton North Strategic Industrial Zone (ANSIA), near Onslow on the Pilbara coast. As detailed above, after the end of the quarter, Hastings also received environmental approval from the Commonwealth’s DAWE.

ANSIA provides Hastings with access to key utilities as well as close proximity to a skilled workforce at Onslow and the city’s port and airport facilities. The ANSIA location has access to key services required for rare earth processing, such as a connection to natural gas, sufficient water and electricity which are all located close to the proposed location of the hydrometallurgical plant.

ANSIA is approximately 430 km by road from the Yangibana mine site. The location of the ANSIA hydrometallurgical plant is where the final production of mixed rare earth carbonate (MREC) occurs.

The first works in progress at the Yangibana site

Initial work under $ 20 million infrastructure activities is now underway at the Yangibana mine site. The 60 bed flight camp is operational and key personnel and contractors operate from the site. Infrastructure work will continue ahead of plant construction activities and mine development, which are expected to officially begin in 2022.

Hastings announced in August 2021 that the initial goal of building early work would include:

– Access roads connecting the mine site to the public roads of Shire;

– A 2,000 m long airstrip that can accommodate planes with a capacity of up to 50 seats;

– An accommodation village with 300 beds;

– A microwave multi-tower communication link to connect the site to the public network;

– Crosslinking of the water from the drilling field to the treatment plant; and

– Ongoing geotechnical activities

Yangibana technical and design development

Project development and associated engineering efforts, including preparation for execution tasks, continue to accelerate during the quarter to provide an updated control investment budget and schedule. This will allow more rapid progress of detailed engineering to finalize the control budget and schedule for the layout of the decoupled hydrometallurgical processing plant.

The SAG furnace, scrubber and grinder packages continue to grow. To support this work, the Hastings engineering team has been strengthened with the appointment of an experienced contract manager and a project cost controller. The two appointments are integral as Hastings continues the initial infrastructure builds over the coming months.

A geotechnical program of shallow drilling and drilling to support final design work for the access road, airstrip, processing plant and tailings storage facility has been completed. This allows final design work to be completed before the start of earthworks in the fourth quarter of 2021.

The development and design of the enrichment plant site continues to mature. DRA Global continues detailed material take-offs (MTO) for enrichment and hydrometallurgical plant sites with detailed engineering to help estimate quantities of earthwork, concrete, steel, piping and electricity ready for the bidding process.

Water drilling offerings advanced with additional drilling in the SipHon drill field scheduled for installation in the fourth quarter of 2021 as well as water pipe designs to support earthworks construction activities.

The tender process for the 300-bed villages ends with a final award decision expected at the end of the fourth quarter of 2021.

The IT infrastructure packages are progressing as planned, as negotiations regarding site access for the towers are being finalized with the traditional owners. Construction work for the towers is expected to begin in the fourth quarter of 2021.

Work with the counties of Upper Gascoyne, Carnarvon and Ashburton continues on a road condition report and assessment to support the development of an agreement that will outline road improvement requirements, traffic management and road maintenance for the duration of the project.

Continuing cost pressures are felt across all sectors of Western Australia’s resource sector due to higher energy costs, material shortages and acute shortages of skilled labor. While iron ore prices declined during the quarter, the expected correction in steel prices has yet to materialize. These inputs put pressure on current estimates of capital and operating costs for all resource projects in the development phase. During the quarter, Hastings continued to assess the impacts of these increases and any project scoping and technical mitigations that may be necessary or possible to be implemented to manage and offset, to the extent possible, the increases in capital costs.

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About Hastings Technology Metals Ltd:

Hastings Technology Metals Ltd (ASX: HAS) is advancing its Yangibana rare earth project in the Upper Gascoyne region of Western Australia towards production. The proposed hydrometallurgical enrichment and processing plant will process rare earth deposits, primarily monazite, containing high levels of neodymium and praseodymium to produce a mixed rare earth carbonate which will then be refined into individual rare earth oxides. in processing plants abroad.

Neodymium and praseodymium are essential components in the manufacture of permanent magnets which are used in a wide and growing range of advanced and high-tech products including electric vehicles, wind turbines, robotics, medical applications and others. Hastings aims to become the next major producer of neodymium and praseodymium outside of China.

Hastings has a 100% interest in the largest deposits in the overall project and a 70% interest in additional deposits to be developed at a later date, all held under mining leases. Numerous prospects have been identified, warranting detailed exploration to further extend the life of the project.

Brockman Project

The Brockman deposit near Halls Creek in Western Australia contains JORC Indicated and Inferred Mineral Resources, estimated using JORC Code Guidelines (2012 Edition).

The Company is also advancing a mining lease application for the Brockman Rare Earths and Rare Metals project.

Hastings aims to capitalize on the strong demand for critical rare earths created by the growing demand for new technological products.

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