Missoula officials push for additional outdoor camping site for homeless people | Local News


“So I would leave the offer open if there is anyone with a piece of property that they think is better than what we have offered – let us know.”

There were significant public comments against the site during Thursday’s meeting. Issues such as abandoned cars, health, safety and security risks were among the topics discussed.

“The biggest thing, looking at it from afar, is the fact that the city is considering human beings in a composting facility at the dead end of a commercial park (and near) a wastewater treatment plant, it’s shameful, ”said Marc Lax, a local business owner in the area of ​​the proposed site who has asked that his company not be named for security reasons.

“It’s really shameful, it’s embarrassing. They should even be embarrassed to consider this place, let alone approve of the plan.”

Lax, along with one of his employees, Kaitlyn Beauchene, spoke to the commission during the meeting. Lax said a meth lab exploded near the location over the past year and said it took “a lot” to clear the area, which he said he paid for.

Beauchene said there are no “no camping” signs near the area that have been routinely ignored. Craig Best, another owner near the site, said some homeless people regularly camp near the area, across the Clark Fork River.


Sally J. Minick

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