Queensland to mark giant open-air campsite and music festival site

Queensland is about to be treated to a truly huge new outdoor music festival site thanks to an entertainment player within the local industry.

The Comiskey Group, which owns and operates the Eatons Hill and Sandstone Point hotels, bought the land to make this outdoor music festival site a reality. Nicknamed ‘Coochin Fields’, it is said to be the equivalent of the North Byron Parklands which continues to host Splendor in the Grass.

Those looking for numbers to calculate can rest easy knowing that it is about 155 hectares or about 22 football fields.

In terms of location, it’s about an hour and a half from Brisbane or 35 minutes from Maroochydore. Comiskey Group Director Rob Comiskey said;

“We are ready to take things to the next level, exceed expectations and bring another great entertainment facility to this incredible community.”

He also hinted at a large-scale camping music festival on the way with some pretty exciting international and local acts.

Jonathan Jackson, Comiskey Group Entertainment Director, added: “It’s a really impressive site with so much potential. I can’t wait to introduce the new space to more promoters, we’ve already seen incredible interest and I know there will be many more! It will be an exciting addition to the region, we look forward to bringing your favorite musicians together.

While we wait for updates, be sure to head over to the Coochin Fields website for updates.

Sally J. Minick